Venture Scouts typically range from 15 to 17 years of age. We try to ensure that our programme includes a wide variety of exciting, adventurous and challenging activities. We encourage the youth members themselves to take responsibility for identifying, planning and executing their own activities. We try to come up with adventurous summer camps, often travelling to the UK or even further abroad.
In 2012 we travelled to the Kibblestone Scout Centre in England where, as well as swimming, hiking, caving, rock-climbing and conquering high-wire courses, we were able to take skiing lessons (a particularly dangerous activity for some leaders !) and hold a tobogganing competition and ice-skating races.
In 2013 we visited our scouting friends in Switzerland and took the opportunity to also visit Italy, France and Germany. This trip included 2 days in Europa Park, one of the largest theme parks in Europe. (Just ask Carmel about ‘Wodan’ – Europes tallest wooden roller coaster !!!)
The trip also included a hike and BBQ in the Alps, a trip on a cable-car. We also enjoyed the ‘Rodel Fahrten’ – a dry, alpine toboggan trip.
In 2014 we flew to Buddens International Scout Camp in the south of England for Goose 2014, and international scouting jamboree, where we thoroughly enjoyed an an action-packed week in glorious sunshine. We even had a Christmas party (in July) and enjoyed a visit frokm our very own Santa Clause.
Who knows where will we end up in 2015 ?
We also meet up with other Venture groups for a variety of more local activities throughout the year, including River Rafting (in Meath), the Venture Ball (in Meath), VentAct (in Cork), Camp NorthEast (in Cavan), TriZone (Dublin) and the Four Peaks challenge (in all 4 provinces).
Venture Scouting is an excellent way for young adults to meet and interact with their peers in a safe and fun environment. They can make new friends, hone their skills and test their nerves to the limit, while at the same time getting to hang out with new people of their own age and hopefully meet many new life-long friends.