In Dunboyne, we have three Packs of  of Cubs. Tuesday Cubs, Wednesday Cubs and Thursday Cubs

Cubs PackTuesday CubsWednesday CubsThursday Cubs
Meeting time at the DenTuesdays:18.45 to 20.1520.15 Wednesday :18.45 to 20.15Thursday:18.45 to 20.15
LeadersLUCY O’MAHONY (Akele), , Valerie Wogan, Joe Branigan, Paul daSilveira,Carol Humphreys,Stephen Brady, Ronnie Kane, Cormac Mooney (alela) , Susan Cantwell, Rob Boughton,Siobhan Carrigan, Dave FinlayTOM HOLMES (akela), Marcus McInerney, Esther Mallenco, Margarethe McGuirk, Ciara Henry, Karl Maher, Anita Reid, Barbara Sutton
  • We currently have approximately 85 cubs between 3 Cub nights in Dunboyne.
  • The age group is 4th, 5thand 6thclass. (approx. ages 9-12)
  • Ranging from our youngest who are coming up from Beavers  to our older cubs who are getting prepared to move up to Scouts – so the challenge is to create a programme that keeps all the cubs interested.


  • As with all sections, we use this as our framework to create annual activities to keep our cubs challenged across a huge array of skills and to create personal development.
  • To mention a few : Adventure Skills, Community, Environment, Personal.
  • This brings us on amazing hikes, camping trips, fundraisers and days out to places we might never get to go to normally.
  • The cubs are rewarded with a badge for their hard work upon completion of goals set out by the leaders.